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  • It’s time to shift your focus from resilience and supercharged confidence to antifragility and confidence you know won’t desert you.
  • It’s not always easy to keep choosing your attitude, but worth remembering that the effort is normally worth it.

    A timeless nugget from Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

  • Chris Shambrook

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    I love writing for http://www.gameplana.com and here’s the latest offering about Mindset for 2021… Live the New and wrestle back control of now.


    Hope it’s got a couple of nuggets for you.

  • You get fitter by strengthening the body, even when it is already strong. If you’re not strengthening your psychological strengths as a priority, then you’re missing a trick. If you only ever work on weaknesses, you only reduce how bad your bad days are. In most cases, that’s no where near as useful as knowing you’re making your good days ever…Read More

  • A Golden Nugget from the passionate and inspiring leader that is Dean Curtis! It’s all about a surrounding yourself with great people. just like this Universe!
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Chris Shambrook

Director at PlanetK2

5 Olympic Games and a wealth of experience working at PlanetK2 since 2003, I’ve gleaned loads of experience and nuggets that have helped me have an unparalleled toolkit of how to prepare your mind to fulfil your potential in a healthy and rewarding way.

It’s all about the psychology of individual and collective talent as far as I’m concerned and common sense applied with uncommon commitment.

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