I´m Malcolm Larri
Founder – Brave Personal Development

“Every day I help individuals and organizations create engagement and inspiration around managing change. When people understand the true value and contribution they bring, engagement naturally follows”

Send me your Nugget

What is a Nugget?
A Nugget is your one piece of life advice. Often Nuggets are learned in the most challenging of experiences. This is your opportunity to pass it on, and potentially change someone else’s life. As you share your wisdom there is a wonderful benefit to you too. You remind yourself of what you went through, what you learned and how you came through it. That’s very motivating.

Tips for sharing your Nugget
1 – Video/audio you have 1 minute to deliver your Nugget.
2 – Plan in advance what you are going to say. Make bullet points and mentally rehearse it.
3 – If filming, consider your background. Look straight at camera, smile! Say your name, position and then say ‘My One Golden Nugget is…’
4 – Need to refilm it? No problem. You can do as many takes as you need.

About Me

Originally from Sydney Australia, Malcolm Larri is an in-demand Coach and Speaker focused on empowering companies and individuals to use their unique abilities to drive positive change.
He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and his almost 25-year career as coach and speaker has seen him conducting workshops & master classes in Australia, Europe, Asia & the USA.
As a highly regarded consultant on Self-leadership, Diversity, Collaboration and Values, he is regularly training & coaching teams from some of the largest companies in the Nordics, including Ericsson, Skanska, Cognizant, Deloitte, GE Healthcare & The Swedish Police Force to name just a few.
Additionally, Malcolm has worked across Europe as a Conference Host, including TEDx Stockholm.
He is also the founder of Brave Personal Development and will publish his first book Hustle & Serve in 2021.

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