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Share your happiness!

It’s official! The Universe has declared April is Happiness Month!
So, what makes you happy? What’s the happiest you’ve ever been? What’s your secret to happiness? How do you get there?
It could be a person, a place, a memory, a dream; perhaps it’s something you’ve heard, tasted, or felt; a favourite smell, a sound, a special moment in time… whatever it is I’d love to hear about at and share it. Why? Because happiness spreads, it creates ripples, and ripples make waves and if ever we could do with a wave of happiness it’s right now. Right?
Share your nugget of happy right here. A short happy story, a life hack that generates happiness. Tell me about it, set that ripple motion and help us create a tsunami of happiness.

Tips for sharing your Nugget

1 – Video/audio you have 1 minute to deliver your Nugget.
2 – Plan in advance what you are going to say. Make bullet points and mentally rehearse it.
3 – If filming, consider your background. Look straight at camera, smile! Say your name, position and then say ‘My One Golden Nugget is…’
4 – Need to refilm it? No problem. You can do a many takes as you need