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  • Risk analytics for property management & insurance
  • Adeala Zabair, Shepherd’s Head of Data Science reflects on Stephen Covey’s “Sharpen the Saw” habit of highly effective people. The importance of taking a break and stepping away to enable you see more clearly and come back to the job in hand, in a more productive headspace.
  • Warren Johnstone, Shepherd’s Operations Director, shares his nugget around dealing with setbacks. Avoid the blame game, which only serves to compound the problem, and remind yourself that you’ve been there before! Use the insight from your past experience, capture the positivity then ACT!
  • Marvin Martin, Shepherd’s Sales Director, talks about the importance of making your bed! Where to start when you want to change the world? It all starts with doing the little things right, every single day…

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Shepherd are specialists in property performance management creating a smarter more sustainable built environment and transforming how property risk is managed. Shepherd's data analytical solutions and real-time remote monitoring reduces commercial property energy consumption; measuring in real-time what is important, reducing a building’s carbon footprint and reducing operating costs by 25%. Ultimately, Shepherd puts property owners, facility managers and insurers in control, with a complete view of their property’s health and risk profile.