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Feature in my first book! 

Dear friends, “EduardoX” is my first book coming out, it is a collection of writings and nuggets, from my three ongoing books that I started to write 4 years ago: “Way of The Passionate”, “The Digital Culture” & “NAKED & RAW, poetry and spoken words, for PASSIONATE PEOPLE”, that will come out through 2021 and 2022.

I have achieved everything I wanted in life, I found my inner peace, I forgave everyone that done me wrong, and I hope anyone I did wrong, have forgiven me. My life has not been easy, I was born with no strong cards in my hand, besides my passion. I went through hell, more than once, I experience things I would not even wish upon my worst enemy. Very few people believed or encouraged me, I experienced mostly the opposite, from racism, hate to bullying. Despite all that, I managed to find and live my passion, and I become a man, that has faith in humanity, that tries to always choose the positive paths in life. I am far from perfect, but I really try to do my best, for myself, for others, for society, my closest friend, and my family.

One can walk far alone, but with others, you can even create the road, and move mountains. Thanks to the people that truly believed in me, that gave me their time and wisdom, I managed to come to this level. And now I invite you to be part of my book, to share your wisdom and nuggets to the readers of my coming book “EduardoX”.

Eduardo “X” Ibacache Rodriguez
January 18th, 2021, Norway

Submit your Nugget below  

What is a Nugget?
A Nugget is your one piece of life advice. Often Nuggets are learned in the most challenging of experiences. This is your opportunity to pass it on, and potentially change someone else’s life. As you share your wisdom there is a wonderful benefit to you too. You remind yourself of what you went through, what you learned and how you came through it. That’s very motivating.

Tips for sharing your Nugget
1 – Video/audio you have 1 minute to deliver your Nugget.
2 – Plan in advance what you are going to say. Make bullet points and mentally rehearse it.
3 – If filming, consider your background. Look straight at camera, smile! Say your name, position and then say ‘My One Golden Nugget is…’
4 – Need to refilm it? No problem. You can do as many takes as you need.

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