• Craig Lemmon

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    My Nugget on why the Value propositon is your compass when you get lost. #startup.
  • Coming out of education and want to start a business?

    Here is a Nugget from Costas Papaikonomou director at ?What if! Innovation.

    Completely the opposite of what I did!! And that’s the beautiful thing about life we each have our own journey. Perhaps yours will mirror Costas’s at the start.

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  • I’m delighted to share my first Nugget!
    Here is one on starting a business.

    #startup #onegoldennugget

  • Alina Bassi is the Founder at Kleiderly.
    She is solving the problem of clothing waste from the fashion industry and is recycling clothing into a new sustainable material.


    Check out here Nugget below …

    #sustainability #startup #founder

  • What is your One Golden Nugget for starting a business?

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