• The golden rule!

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  • One Golden Nugget

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    We love being reminded about the benefit of resistance!
    You simply cannot grow without it.

    I can assure you at OGN there has been plenty of resistance over these past few months. The key is to push through it. Keep going.

    We thank the incredible Lindsey Wander for her reminder.

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  • “The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” ~Harriet Ann Jacobs

    #MyOneGoldenNugget Spring Equinox 2021 from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

    Service, a celebration of life, new beginnings, and the power of water on the human mind, body & soul.

    #MentalFitness #Energy #Mindset

  • Julia Moorehead, Founder of Identity Design Works leaves a nugget in #TheUniverse that we all will resonate with.

    Information, ideas, and dreams without implementation are basically worthless.

    Growth and #opportunity doesn’t exist in the same space as us being comfortable.

    What holds us back?

    #fear #beliefs #mindset

  • #MyOneGoldenNugget for today comes from my dear friend Manoj Krishna, Founder of the Human Wisdom Program. Dropping a nugget in #TheUniverse that will create a ripple effect that will resonate worldwide.

    A deeper understanding of self and our minds (WISDOM) as humans has the ability to minimize and potentially eliminate suffering.

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