• A reminder to myself more than anything!
  • I’ve been struggling to separate work and home in the last few days. At times my emotions have controlled me rather than me controlling how I respond.

    I’m grateful to be emotionally intelligent and self-aware, as it means I can do something about it.

    Here’s my plan:
    1. When I finish for the day, I’m going to lock my laptop and take a few…Read More

  • Alone with your thoughts – that’s an idea I can resonate with.
    Greg Brenner is The HR Dad, check out this podcast, it’s very successful.

    Thanks for sharing the wisdom Greg!


  • Positive affirmation. Reminding ourselves of our value and our worth is priceless. It might feel uncomfortable to record it, so write it down. It just needs to be easily accessible. 😃

    #mentalhealth #mentalfitness #resilience

  • Thank you Amanda for sharing 🙏


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