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  • Dan Walsh, it was a pleasure to interview you this week for the next OGN book!

    Here we are discussing happiness 😃

    #happinessmonth #onegoldennugget


    Introducing our new One Golden Nugget friend ‘Espree Devora’.
    Espree is listed by Inc Magazine as a top 30 Women in Tech to follow. Harpers Bazaar says her podcast is the top 10 to listen to and she is one of the faces of Clubhouse app icon.

    Say no more!

    #happiness #onegoldennugget

  • It’s ‘Happiness Month’ at OGN, and after 4 months, happiness is a haircut!


  • It’s happiness month at One Golden Nugget so how blessed were we to talk to Michael Ray, Founder of ‘Smile Project’.

    He spends his day ensuring he is the reason someone smiles.

    That’s incredible.

    #onegoldennugget #happiness

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