• Hack your nervous system to get all the benefits of a full workout in 6 minutes.

    Nugget to optimize our brain health to generate #energy

  • These are tips to optimize our brain health to GENERATE and INCREASE our energy not WASTE and DEPLETE our #energy.

    I would not recommend playing the tit for tat game to combat our negative thoughts. It’s exhausting, ineffective, and an energy sucker. You can’t WIN!

    I talk a lot about and more importantly implement the art form of turning a…Read More

  • I always wondered why they call it the power of positive thinking when the negative thoughts have all the power!

    For us to optimize our Brain #Health to generate #Energy it’s vital to learn to transform our inevitable negative thoughts. Today’s nugget you will learn what we are up against and what the solution IS NOT.

    Stay tuned for the…Read More

  • Joseph Pollaro

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    Our Brains are mostly fat and water. So it makes sense to to fuel it with what it needs to optimize it’s performance and up-level our #Energy
  • Joseph Pollaro

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    I believe the #1 predictor to succeed at anything is #Energy.

    My first tip to harness your brain energy is a healthy brain diet or neuro-nutrition.
    I always start with the “Not-To-Do” list. what to avoid

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