• Health – Tips from My Best Man Errol Stewart in Jamaica.
    Errol and I have known each other for over 45 years and throughout that time he has been a role model of fitness health and well-being. What did I learn from Errol about sustaining health?
    1. You need to have good habits and the excellent book atomic habits by James clear gives you good…Read More
  • Exercise your willpower, start your day doing something hard, and chalk up a WIN!

    Benefits of cold water therapy.

    #MentalFitness #Challenges #Mindset

  • Hack your nervous system to get all the benefits of a full workout in 6 minutes.

    Nugget to optimize our brain health to generate #energy

  • Thanks for sharing the wisdom Malcolm!
  • Our Brains are mostly fat and water. So it makes sense to to fuel it with what it needs to optimize it’s performance and up-level our #Energy
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