• A key aspect of mental fitness is physical fitness and activity.
    While it was many years ago in 1985 setting the world record for the Cyprus Double Mountain Marathon, it required a huge amount of mental fitness and self belief. I particularly remember feeling like giving up towards the end of day one when we were nearing the summit of the 6000…Read More
  • Introducing a great new friend of mine to our founders… Brian Wall.

    Brain health for us all is Brian’s goal.

    Brain health is adaptive…

    “Genes load the gun….. it’s our behaviour and environment that might pull the trigger” ….

    Brian is based in the USA and is an expert with more than 20 years experience in addictions and mental…Read More

  • Hello WORLD!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all 💕
    My wonderful friend Julie at LIGHTING FIRES sent over this awesome little quiz to learn about your own level of RESILIENCE, check it out and understand more about how you cope with challenges and opportunities.

    I have to say that my results were spot on – I LOVE a challenge and I thrive on challenge…Read More

  • Dear Universe,
    After a very trying weekend for lots of people who might have lost a little bit of hope, I’ve collaborated with my amazing friend and personal trainer Cosette Jackson and we’ve created a guide to “Giving the Gift of Self Love for Christmas 2020”.

    Please share this to spread a little bit of 2020 love with your network.

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