• Dedicating this week’s post to all the digital nomads who work from anywhere with one of my all time ALL time most loved tracks but on of my favourite all time artists. My One Golden Nugget this week is, why does it matter where you work if the work gets done.


  • ⚡️ For those of us who want to play a different game and Perform at their highest levels, Using ALL your Emotions as your Performance Enhancers is the True Game changer! ⚡️
    👉 Everything is Energy, E-Motions are just Energy in Motion, so we might as well use them all and leverage the benefits!
  • Josh Littlejohn MBE is the Founder of Social Bite and The World’s Big Sleepout.

    He’s doing some incredible work, check him out at :

    Here Josh shares a Nugget on ‘What to do when it’s not working.’
    His Nugget is a great reminder about zig-zagging!


  • Life long learning. I can’t imagine how to put that into action without seeking chances outside the comfort zone for newness or valuable improvement. It strikes me this doesn’t need to be work-based; the idea is to establish a positive norm that becomes part of ones outlook on life. Start anywhere. Keep going. Make it count.
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