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  • A Friday Nugget from me …
  • Hello all my dear one golden nugget members and friends. I hope this post finds you all well and doing great things. I often think about how wonderful life can be if you take out all the noise, nonsense, and stress, and how everything most certainly happens for a reason. I often say and speak about how every decision, or lack of decision, has…Read More
  • Peter Moore is the former CEO of Liverpool Football Club, he was also head of EA Sports, Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division, overseeing the Xbox and Senior VP of Global Sports Marketing at Reebok.

    What a legend!

    Here he is delivering a sublime One Golden Nugget.
    Thank you Peter!

    #petermoor…Read More

  • A Nugget on reflecting about the week which just has been.
    A great idea which Eleanor Tweddell Founder No. 002 started last week.
    Mine is about finding joy in listing and remembering all the small things.

    Plus I would add I’ve learned more than ever this week, that without action there is nothing. Ideas and thinking are great, but without a…Read More

  • Justin Breen – Founder of BrEpic Communications.

    What a conversation! and a timeless Nugget from the great man.


  • Spoke with Cris Beswick this week for his Nugget.
    Great wisdom.


  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Covid-19

    Had the pleasure of speaking with Itzy Holczler from the ‘Purple World’ last week.

    Here is a great Nugget for these times.

  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Challenges

    What a joy to speak with Nicole Jones this week for our new book.

    Here she is sharing some empowering wisdom.


  • Today has been a day of resistance.
    A reminder to myself that it is always a part of the process.


    It’s a new idea we’ve created where two Founders come together and talk wisdom.

    In our first edition we welcome Stephen Chadwick, CEO of Shepherd and Lawrence Trist who was the former MD of Finsbury Food.

    Here they are talking leadership and culture.

    #nuggetchat #onegoldennugget

  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    One of the best Nuggets I have EVER collected!
    Thank you Meagan Fettes for sharing.
  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    I stumbled upon this great piece of wisdom from Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday.

    #onegoldennugget #timcook #apple

  • A straight to the point Nugget from Jonas Fredriksson …
  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Fun

    We are excited to welcome Devon Harris to Nugget Live next Thursday as our keynote speaker. Join us!



  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Fun

    Nugget Live RETURNS next Thursday, 28th January (7 pm GMT).

    3 time Olympian, Devon Harris who represented Jamacia in the bobsleigh team will be our keynote speaker. If you’ve seen the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Cool Runnings’ that was Devon!

    Joe Foster from Reebok is also back and will be answering questions in ‘Eduardo’s Lounge’. Hosted by…Read More

  • Just a quick venting session for my fellow One Golden Nugget members. As someone that loves to try and help everyone and create opportunities, I am starting to get inundated with request to connect. Those connections then continue to bombard me with an overflow of information, messages, and repeated messages even after I have agreed to speak with…Read More
  • My daughter gifted me ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach for Christmas.

    Founder in the Universe, Chris Browne tells me it’s a game-changer.
    I will be sharing Nuggets from it this coming week.


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