• I’ve been struggling to separate work and home in the last few days. At times my emotions have controlled me rather than me controlling how I respond.

    I’m grateful to be emotionally intelligent and self-aware, as it means I can do something about it.

    Here’s my plan:
    1. When I finish for the day, I’m going to lock my laptop and take a few…Read More

  • Craig McHugh

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    Here at LYL, we have a few mantras, but this one is definitely one of our favourites and one we strive for every single day!

    Because we passionately believe that if we think Awesome, we will be Awesome, and being Awesome leads to staying Awesome!

    And if more of us stay Awesome, the possibilities for us all are absolutely endless.

  • Leadership is about listening and giving space and time for others – Jonathan Bowman-Perks sums it up so well in this nugget.
  • A Happy Nugget!

    Chris Browne co-founded Ted Baker, that is awesome 👏👏👏

    Here is his Nugget and it’s beautiful wisdom.

    #tedbaker #chrisbrowne #happiness

  • I feel that many of us still think that the brain is like a bone and doesn’t change..
    We now know that the Neuroplasticity is a real thing.

    Your brain and your thoughts are rewireable!
    Make sure those ideas are Clear, Adaptive and Growth producing!

    Our first Nugget Live! is coming 17th December 7pm GMT
    Exclusively for Founder Members we are delighted to announce Joe Foster founder of Reebok will be our keynote speaker.

    You can expect – Connecting, Nugget chats and a good time.
    Invites will be going out next week.

    #onegoldennugget #nuggetlive

  • This weekend?


  • Positive affirmation. Reminding ourselves of our value and our worth is priceless. It might feel uncomfortable to record it, so write it down. It just needs to be easily accessible. 😃

    #mentalhealth #mentalfitness #resilience

  • Very excited to be interviewing Chris Browne Co-founder of Ted Baker this coming Friday.

    I will ensure there are some great Nuggets to share in the Universe!

    #onegoldennugget #tedbaker

  • A Cliche Flipped …. wisdom from a different perspective perhaps?
  • Dropping a nugget of wisdom extracted from a personal experience the other day of forgetting that #Motivation isn’t something you get or have.

    It’s something you do.

    Learn the subtle yet powerful art form of turning a noun into a verb to plug into the higher forces of forward motion and momentum to generate motivation.

  • Krista Rizzo will be featuring in our next book with this wonderful Nugget.

    Here she talks about ‘what’s important.’

    And that’s important!

    #onegoldennugget #relationships #love

  • From book1 a wonderful Nugget from AJ Wilcox.


  • One Golden Nugget

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    What makes a great life?

    Here is a lovely Nugget from coach & trainer ‘Tuomo Vauhkonen’.

    Have a great weekend everyone 😃

  • A nugget about money!

  • ENGAGEMENT ALERT! Now that the second wave of corona and lockdowns are hitting us engagement is falling quickly – lets use MEANING as a way to re engage and workmat the highest levels!
  • From book1 a classic Nugget here from Garry Ridge the CEO at WD-40 company.



    Yanika is the inventor and Founder at Cordina Hair.
    31years old, she is inspirational and going after what she wants in life.

    Respect for that 👏👏👏


  • Call to Action time.

    I am looking to curate a library of Wellbeing Nuggets.

    What is your one Golden Nugget for Wellbeing? What is the one big thing you do to stay well? Let’s share hese nuggets and build up an inspirational and educational resource of wellbeing nuggets.

    Share your nugget at

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