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  • Golden Nugget from Faye McGuiness, Director of Programmes at Education Support.
    In this podcast episode, we talk about Faye’s commitment to “support education employers to deliver better workplace cultures, so staff can thrive at the same time as advocating for improvement in the workplace at policy level.” htt…Read More
  • Nikki Samuels CEO of Factory International Ltd shares with us some great questions to ask yourself about how to grow your business.
  • Amanda Downs of The Uspire Group shares with us her nugget of practising the attitude of positive regard as a leader
  • Dr Prashant is Director Operations at centre for sight in Delhi, India. A great nugget on people, people, people.
  • Marc Cox who is founder of thecompanyspirit and author of “The Business Case for Love” shares with us the connection between employees loving what they do and the company they work for, and long term commercial sucess.
  • Julia Moorehead, Founder of Identity Design Works leaves a nugget in #TheUniverse that we all will resonate with.

    Information, ideas, and dreams without implementation are basically worthless.

    Growth and #opportunity doesn’t exist in the same space as us being comfortable.

    What holds us back?

    #fear #beliefs #mindset

  • In the latest episode of ‘The Form Guide’ podcast (https://www.formscore.today/talks/andrew-tarver), we spoke with Andrew Tarver, Founder of Jigsaw XYZ, ahead of the Word Bipolar Day.
    This is a special episode, not only because Andrew’s team is the brain behind the development of the FormScore app but also because Andrew is a fellow living with…Read More
  • Here’s is Karl Simons OBE Golden Nugget from the latest ‘The Form Guide’ podcast (https://www.formscore.today/podcast). Karl also tells us “Many people still think of health and safety as just physical wellbeing, but good mental health in the workplace is just as important because both body and mind are connected.”
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