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  • #MyOneGoldenNugget for today comes from my dear friend Manoj Krishna, Founder of the Human Wisdom Program. Dropping a nugget in #TheUniverse that will create a ripple effect that will resonate worldwide.

    A deeper understanding of self and our minds (WISDOM) as humans has the ability to minimize and potentially eliminate suffering.

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  • My brother from another mother Danny Shannon drops a nugget that epitomizes what in my eyes is the crux of what One Golden Nugget is all about.

    A new key decision, belief adopted, limiting belief dropped, idea, nugget of wisdom, or inspiration has the power to change the trajectory of someone’s life.

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  • “No one is broken beyond repair.” – Madeleine Black – The Courage Cultivator – Watch the full talk here:
  • Received this Golden Nugget from David Clamp, who is the founder of The Camelot Network and Merlin Consulting. I like this, the circularity of giving forwards…

    Help others first, with no expectation of a return, and it’s amazing how the world goes round in circles….its where the magic happens.

    Thank you David

  • “Don’t give up on you” ~Sherri Cook

    YES!!! An inspiring #OneGoldenNugget from my friend, transformation coach, Founder of KEOMworks, and co-host of B 3rd Power, Sherri M. Cook.

    Do yourself a favor and plug into Sherri’s Life Force!

    #Belief #PowerOfIntention #Motivation #Mindset #MentalFitness

  • Greg Felgate Director of Communication, NED and Trustee shares on creating a personal operating model.
  • Jason Mather Digital Marketing & Customer Experience lead (Big Yellow Personality) with advice to keep moving
  • Pete Johnson Group Communications and Marketing Director at Nomad Foods & Songwriter talks about the use of advertising theory in effective presenting.
  • Commitment = An endless series of very small painful actions.

    My friend Jo Thackwray of JK Coaching and Inspire Radio dropping #OneGoldenNugget that is right up my alley.

    Simple, Direct, Clear #Truth

    #Mindset #Motivation #MentalFitness

  • Jonathan O’Hagan host of the leader insight podcast and Managing Director of Leader Executive Search Ltd on utilising vulnerability in great leadership.
  • Barrie Moore Joint Managing Director of FMCG Executive Network Ltd & Dotcomjobs.co.uk shares the importance of inspirational leaders of today remaining positive and importantly demonstrating it.
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