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  • Justin Breen – Founder of BrEpic Communications.

    What a conversation! and a timeless Nugget from the great man.


  • Jon Dutton

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    Control the controllables – impenetrable focus.
  • How I made a Rapid internal State Change!

    I used this super simple one physical act to change my emotions from feeling like I was not enough into “winner“ in just few seconds!

    Yes, It can be that simple and easy, if you just allow it to! 😉

  • WHY should we ‘be authentic’ as a business leader? Ivan Baldwin explains this so well right here – have a watch!
  • Liz Brewer

    shared a nugget in Mindset

  • My first post.

    Mental wellbeing, resilience and positivity will help get us through tough times.

  • Spoke with Cris Beswick this week for his Nugget.
    Great wisdom.


  • “The Fuel is in the Feeling”!
    When reaching for the goals & high ambitious dreams, Having the right kind Fuel becomes critical!

    To boost and super charge your Goal Setting, look for the Empowered Emotions and the positive Feelings.

  • #MyOneGoldenNugget for today is a powerful quote where we can extract a vital lesson to drive our evolution as humans.

    #MindSet #Challenges

  • I went through a tough time many years ago when my grandmother was still alive, and she just looked me in the eyes and said something like this: “My son, I am soon dead, how I wished I could be you at this moment, that has all the future ahead, despite your current unpleasant period. You are still breathing so battle it out, my son, I believe in you.”
  • Self belief, and do not limit your beliefs! An absolutely fantastic nugget by Alex O’Keefe that we should all take on board no matter where we are in our career.
  • Stars Wars & Harry Potter legend Warwick Davis was the very first person we interviewed for the first One Golden Nugget book.

    Timeless wisdom from a true gentleman.


  • “No one is broken beyond repair.” – Madeleine Black – The Courage Cultivator – Watch the full talk here:
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