• A curve ball question from Steve Foster – what is your approach to solving problems? – that caused an instinctive nervous laugh… remembering how well versed I’ve become in tackling scary problems served to make me reflect how important it’s been to my surviving relevance in business. Considering the magnitude and severity of business problems…Read More

    For those of you who have followed One Golden Nugget, you’ll know I’ve been on a quest to seek and find the great lady.

    I need her in the next book!

    If you know Oprah please tell her we need her 😃

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    This has to be one of the best Nuggets I’ve collected.

    Ipek Williamson is very inspiring 🙏

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  • One of our favourite Nuggets from book1, which is why it’s on the back of the book!
  • We don’t give up when it’s hard.

    Think about how strong you are, how much you love what you do, how hard you have worked to succeed in your accidental career, and how proud you are of your team.

    Even when the tables are turned against us in retail, we keep going.

  • Brian Williamson was one of the first people I interviewed for book1. He’s been on the journey with us ever since. Lovely bloke, massively skilled and a giver.

    All qualities in my opinion that are much needed to enjoy success in this new world we find ourselves in.

    Here he is with a great Nugget.

    If you would like to become a Founder…Read More

  • Testing out gifs today.

    We are looking for some people to send us their favourite quote and turn them into gifs. Drop us a message if you have one.

    Have a great afternoon and hello from sunny Salisbury in the UK.


  • Your mindset is so crucial when creating a strategy, or even more importantly when addressing or approaching a problem. You need to be calm, composed, and thinking clearly so you do not make the problem bigger than it actually is.
  • From book1, the amazing Dan Pink!


  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    Here is your morning motivation from the amazing Jordan Kensington.


  • Steven Foster

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    Alina Bassi is the Founder at Kleiderly.
    She is solving the problem of clothing waste from the fashion industry and is recycling clothing into a new sustainable material.


    Check out here Nugget below …

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  • What is your One Golden Nugget for starting a business?

    Via our new widget record your Video Nugget NOW!


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  • A MUST listen Nugget from Zeta Yarwood 😄



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    A straight talking Nugget here from Ross Campbell.
    Founder & CEO at http://www.thefitsummit.com

    Loving it!


  • 16th October 2020 will be a day-long remembered!!
    Yes, the Universe is live. The big bang has happened!!
    Our network for sharing wisdom, truth, positivity and Nuggets from your journey has been born.
    And NEVER has it been a more important time to be sharing.

    We aren’t Facebook, there is no Comment or Like button.
    No notifications, no m…Read More


    I’m delighted to announce Founder of Reebok Joe Foster has joined us a Founder Member at One Golden Nugget.

    Joe will be using his page to share the wisdom on how he built that global brand.
    Very exciting!

    #reebok #foundermember

    Ben’s Nugget is a joy. It’s what we are about at One Golden Nugget. Being human!
    Showing a little kindness and interest in other people.
    My opinion is everyone should drop Ben’s idea into their life, it makes the world a better place.
    Thanks for sharing Ben.
    #kindness #onegoldennugget

  • Brian is the Founder of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises.

    A group of companies ranging from beauty, fashion, technology, music, restaurants, retail, sea exploration, space and biotechnology. To name just a few.

    But as is so often the case, the most successful people have been through the toughest of times, overcome the big challenges and…Read More

  • Our TV only speaks the truth! That’s why it’s called the ‘TV of Truth!”
    Today starring Laura Bartlett Founder at House of Coco Magazine.


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